Sustainable Wildside

At Wildside, sustainability runs through the soul of our brand. Whether out running, climbing, or hiking, having comfortable, quality clothing makes adventures even better.


The term ‘sustainability’ refers to any system that is designed to exist in a balanced state. Imagine Earth is a balancing board, and we are the weights. Many products in our day-to-day lives add weight because of the way they are produced; too much impact unbalances and damages our eco-systems.

Did you know that the clothing industry has one of the highest impacts on the planet? This includes the use of pesticides, synthetic fibres, high water usage, and pollution. Being conscious of the effects the clothing industry has on our environment compels us to be more aware of our own shopping habits, and make better sustainable decisions about our clothes. These decisions can be from recycling and reusing, to buying sustainable clothing. If we make some changes in our life, however big or small, our actions will contribute to a global effort to make environmental, social, and ethical improvements to our planet.

If you want to be more sustainable with your clothing, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Look out for clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics, such as sustainably grown fibre crops or recycled materials
  • Shop for quality, long-lasting products that are durable for their purpose – slow down the need to throw away items
  • Recycle or reuse your old well-loved clothes – only 20% of clothing is currently recycled or reused
  • Repair your clothes – if you can’t bear to recycle your favourite clothes, why not repair them? You’ll be giving them a whole new lease of life
What is Wildside doing to be more sustainable?
By prioritising the environment and society in the way we operate, we are continuously looking at ways of reducing our own energy footprint and helping you live a more sustainable life. From conception, our Wildside products are consciously designed and made with eco-friendly materials, and durable for any adventure. We’ve even made sure that every item we send is carefully delivered in sustainable packaging, which can easily be recycled.
On top of sustainability, we want to give something back to nature. Trees are very important to our environment, cleaning air, water and providing habitat for the world’s biodiversity. We’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation who are dedicated to making it easier to give back to the environment. They work with reforestation partners in North & South America, Asia and Africa to restore habitat, create jobs and build communities. In 2019 alone they planted over 4 million trees!

For every purchase you make a tree will be planted by One Tree Planted somewhere in the world, which will grow to help many generations and species to come.