Our Story

At Wildside, we’re always seeking adventure. Sometimes adventure finds us, and we want to inspire you to embrace every journey you take in the wilderness. We’ve created quality products that share our passion and connection to the outdoors.

Our senses are continuously invited to explore earthy aromas, hear nature’s calls, and witness the ever changing colours of the world. We encapsulate this in each of our designs, to transport you from your everyday life to the memorable adventures you escape to.

When it comes to the planet, we’re conscious about doing every bit we can to help. Not only are our products sustainable, but each product is lovingly wrapped in recyclable packaging, and we plant a tree for every purchase you make. Not only are we doing our bit for the environment, but you’re contributing too.

Wildside is a brought to you by Unhinged productions, an international production company based in the UK. Unhinged specialise in video and marketing for sports and adventure brands around the world, encapsulating the ethos of their clients and propelling them further in their field.

Armed with ideas and a drive to create an outdoor themed apparel brand, Unhinged Productions owner Matthew Brown teamed up with creative designer Tom Fricker, and the idea of Wild Side came to life. Here’s a little more about them…


Matthew - Founder

Based in Surrey, award winning photographer Matthew has almost seen it all. A keen explorer, he’s travelled to many countries and discovered the wealth of culture, beauty and wildlife our planet has to offer. If he’s not working, Matthew is often out amongst local wildlife or planning which corner of the world he’s off to next, either hiking, climbing, surfing or scuba diving.


Tom – Founder / Creative Director

An avid adventurer and cyclist, Tom is a freelance graphic designer based in Inverness. When he’s not designing inspiring and innovative designs for our products, Tom is either practising yoga, chasing a collie around the garden or enjoying local and distant landscapes on foot or by bicycle.


By helping us to give back to the adventure community we are so passionate about, you are supporting our hard work to look after our planet so we can continue to enjoy every adventure we take.