Quick Quarantine Tips to Keep You Motivated

In the current global pandemic, it’s no surprise that many of us are unsure what to do with ourselves. When we’re adhering to social distancing rules, minimising the number of times we go out, sometimes it’s hard to get used to a new routine that’s completely different to what we’re used to.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of quick tips to help you stay motivated:

1. Make A List

    Now is the perfect time to think about your ambitions. It might not feel important to keep striving towards goals and adventures, especially if your trips have been cancelled, but it’s definitely important to remember that it won’t be long until you can continue exploring the world. Write down the training goals you want to achieve, the places you want to visit, the competitions you want to take part in… the list is endless! 

    2. Kit Cleaning and Organisation

      Whilst you’re stuck at home, take some time out of your day to give your gear some TLC. You might find some kit that needs more than just a clean! If you have unusable equipment, find some ways to repurpose your gear. There are so many possibilities, from making old chalk bags into holders, climbing rope into dog leads, or turning your old boots into planters.

      Alongside repurposing your old kit, where do you store your equipment? Does it stay in a box, or hung up in your garage? Get creative with DIY and make your own storage unit so that all your gear stays clean and dry ready for the next adventure.

      3. Practise Mindfulness

      We know current times are uncertain, but it’s good to remember that better times are ahead. Add some yoga into your week; it’s a great discipline to practise because it helps to strengthen both key supporting and underused muscles, and is very therapeutic for body and mind. Treat yourself to a new sustainable yoga mat by Sustain Yoga, a stylish non-slip mat made from cork and natural rubber - completely free of plastic! Use the code Wild10 at checkout to get 10% off your order with Sustain Yoga :)

      Add some mindfulness into the mix. Take a step back from your thoughts and worries, and pay more attention to your body and your senses. Don’t fret about the future – by practising mindfulness and yoga it’ll help you concentrate on the positives and figure out a way to move forward each day. 

      4. Find Your New Training Routine

      Now more than ever it’s important to stay safe, which often means being unable to do your regular training schedule. Why not create a training journal and figure out what suits you right now? Start to build a new routine around home workouts and exercising in your local area.

      Get your club together and start a virtual challenge. Whether it’s a plank challenge or a garden marathon, it’ll be a great addition to your routine and help motivate you and your peers until the quarantine period is over. 

      5. Discover Your Local Area

      In regular day-to-day life, we often forget what’s right on our doorstep. Now there is limited access to some of your favourite spots, take a moment to discover what’s just around the corner. Find new routes to walk and run, and make the most of your outdoor surroundings. Use apps like Strava, Endomondo or Komoot to make note of each route so you can keep going back, or go even further. You never know what you might find! 

      6. Try New Recipes

      The internet is full of new and exciting recipes to make at home. Try new flavours and techniques! Many are struggling to sleep and stay energised during this time, so introduce some energy-boosting superfoods to your morning meals such as berries, eggs, nuts, seeds and Kefir, to start your day right! If you’re looking for food to feast on for your next van or camping trip, check out Fresh off the Grid and practice some recipes in the kitchen or garden.

      Top off your new recipe finds by including some home-grown produce. Now is a perfect time to plant fresh fruit and vegetables as you’ll be able to see them grow during your time at home. You don’t need a garden to get growing either – try out some planters in your kitchen window, or anywhere they can get good sunlight. 

      And remember…

      Whether you’re still working or currently furloughed, it’s really important to take a break. Grab a drink, hunker down in your favourite spot, and get stuck into a great adventure book, a new podcast, or lost in a good film.