Our top tips to save for your next adventure

Want to go on a new adventure, but struggling to get some inspiration on how to save? We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you to become saving savvy:



  • Look at your monthly bills – Are there any outgoings you can change, reduce cost or cancel? Shop around for better deals, or contact your current providers to haggle for a better price so those spare funds can head straight into your savings pot.


  • Budget, budget, budget! – Track every inch of your finances and make note of everything your spending money on, from food bills to entertainment! Create a savings plan and decide how much you can spend each month, and how much you can save.


  • Keep your savings account separate - Make your adventure savings account inaccessible from your internet banking to avoid any temptation to transfer funds and spend!


  • Reduce unnecessary spending – Be brutally honest, do you need it? Can you live without it? It’s ok to have a little treat, but if you cut back on indulgences you’ll save more.


  • Quit the Gym – You don’t need a monthly membership when you can do exercise in the great outdoors!


  • Cook more at home – It’s always nice to go to a restaurant, but when you’re trying to save, there’s nothing better than home cooking! Create meal plans to reduce over-spending, and always look out for deals when you shop.


  • Stop going out – Cut down on spending too much money on the cinema, eating out or clubbing. If you meet up with your friends regularly, why not invite them round for a drink or meal instead?


  • Make some extra money – Sell unwanted items for someone else to enjoy, and advertise your art, crafts and other handmade wares online. If you have some spare time, find a part-time job you can do alongside your main job; it’ll get you experience and the extra funds you need.


  • Have the right mindset – Remember, saving is a marathon, not a race! You’re making a huge commitment to cut down on your day-to-day expenses, and it won’t be easy. There will be a few bumps in the road, but if you are determined to save for a new adventure, you’ll make it.